Pencil Sharpener

The Pencil Sharpener- Where to Begin?

If you’re on a hunt for the best electric-driven pencil sharpener, it’s clear that you are the proud owner of some wood pencils. A good pencil sharpener shaves the wood away to reveal the lead underneath and it’s also able to give you the perfect sharp point.

The market gives you many models and types of pencil sharpeners and which one fits your needs the best is totally up to you. You can go for a small, easy to carry around pencil sharpener or an old-school hand crank-either way, there’s good in each one of them.

The basics

As you already know, there are many sizes and shapes for pencils. You can write down your grocery shop list with an 8mm pencil (the most popular diameter for a pencil), but you can also have some fun writing with a 10.5mm diameter pencil. Therefore, the pencil sharpener needs to fit these diameters and this is why most of them out there fit the standard 8mm pencil.

Pencils differ not only by size, but also by shape and you may find hexagonal, triangular or circular pencils. Most pencil sharpeners should fit the various shapes of pencils, but some fit only certain shapes of pencils.

Pencil SharpenerPencil sharpeners give you, if it’s not very obvious for an unprofessional eye, different angles of sharpening. A pencil tip with a larger angle shows you more lead and may be used for more time until it needs a new sharpening, On the other hand, a pencil tip with a smaller angle is sturdier and less prone to breakage.

Next time you sharpen your pencil, take a closer look to the lead point also. Some go for the extra sharp tip on their leads, while others prefer a blunt, rounded tips. If you ask a psychologist, he would tell you something about how this relates to your inner self, but we won’t get there this time 🙂 .

A good pencil sharpener is not too harsh on lead or wood and takes good care of your wood pencil. It also doesn’t break and you need to keep in mind that you don’t need to use a harsh pencil sharpener in order to get a sharp point on the lead.

If clean and neat is important to you, then you also take good appreciation of a pencil that has no graphite marks once it’s sharpened. So a good pencil sharpener not only gives the perfect point to your pencil, but it also keeps it clean and pretty during the process.

The Closer Look

A portable pencil sharpener might handle any shape of pencil, easily. Apart from its sharpening abilities, it does everything easily and gives you a clean pencil at the end. On a plus, it’s also very easy to clean the mess behind.

The manufacturers created pencil sharpeners that twist the pencil back and forth, keeping pencil shavings from falling out. A pencil sharpener like that might also feature a cap for perfect gripping on short, stubby pencils or two different settings depending on how blunt or sharp you want your pencil to be.

If you have more than 1 or 2 hexagonal or triangular pencils, it’s better to get a pencil sharpener especially designated to them. It would have two holes in order to fit larger pencils also and that would be a plus any time.

Some pencil sharpeners let you also adjust the length of your pencil tip. The more bars it shows, the longer the pencil tip will be- but we think no one like a very, very short pencil (unless it’s a prank!).

As we talked about sharpening angles, it’s nice to know that you can also get pencil sharpeners that let you choose the sharpening angle and it’s cool (to say the least) to see the same pencil with different tips!

Final word

Take a good look at your pencils and throw an eye on the market as it’s almost impossible not to find the pencil sharpener that fits the best your pencils!